Proposal for the Israeli pavilion at the Milan world expo 2015

EXPO 2015

In collaboration with Dan Handel, Tal Erez, WeLoveCode, TransSolar, Ben-Nun Shalev Construction

Competition entry
Pavilion expo

Following the theme of the 2015 world Expo, the Israeli pavilion proposal visualised the Agro-tech qualities of Israel through transforming walls of water, seeds and sand, creating an ever-changing space which adapts to the needs of the programme.

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Israel is an Agro-Tech lab for the world’s architecture. This fact is not the result of vast fields, a surplus of resources or a massive investment in technology. The Israeli advantage is actually related to a constant lacking in these ingredients and the making of pinpointed, efficient and extremely specific solutions.

The history and current landscape of Israeli architecture can be described as a sequence of solutions and developments in three basic elements: Water, Soil and Seeds. Instead of representing the three elements we proposed a building that will actually be built out of them: every element in the building becomes a series waterfall walls of material which can be controlled. The idea of specification works through mixing and balancing these elements, to allow different spaces for different uses of the building throughout the Expo.

While the interactive systems work through the structure of the building, its permanent spaces and systems lie below it, as the building is elevated from the ground.

The building lies within a field of Wild Wheat, which was discovered Israel and originated in its geographic area. from it, corridors, restaurant areas and a sculpture garden are subtracted.