New municipality building of Givatayim, Israel

Givatayim City Hall

Givatayim, Israel
offices and service center

Consolidating activities from 16 different municipal buildings now scattered around the city, the new city hall will focus on the municipality’s interaction with the public.
The programs are categorized based on levels of accessibility to the public, and introduce the concept of the “Urban Salon”.

As the city hall is the main point of interaction between the local authority and the citizens, we see an exciting opportunity to grow beyond the administrative building, and transform the city hall into an urban social centre. As such, we offer the concept of the “Urban Salon”, a multifunctional place that brings together all points of interaction between municipality and citizen, and which can offer a platform for other social activities and services. To achieve that, the functions are redistributed to include not only divisions between different departments, but also different levels of public accessibility. The most frequently used services are arranged as the ground floor, creating an urban civil space. By creating two systems of circulation, the “Salon” works its way upwards in the building with different public spaces. While it intertwines the accessible programs as part of the whole building, it also creates optimal floor plans based on each department’s need on each floor.
The position of the building within the site, creates a new public square, while continuing the existing urban facade.