Residential Project in Tel Aviv

Harugei Malchot apartments

under construction
Tel Aviv

A transformation of a nondescript building with eight units in northern Tel Aviv into a reimagined residential structure of 21 apartments with spacious balconies, and an inner courtyard.

Harugei Malchut is designed under Israel’s innovative urban renewal policy of “Tama 38,” which allows architects to redevelop a building and add additional floors for new inhabitants while updating existing apartments and infrastructure for longtime inhabitants.

The main challenge in urban renewal projects is to keep the local community in their original building and create higher-quality apartments within the same structure. The Harugei Malchut project changed the typical Israeli typology of a multi-family building by transforming the plot through material and spatial design. Additionally, an inner-courtyard is introduced creating an internal space for existing dwellers to come back to their local community while allowing natural ventilation and light to come in.