Advanced Inter Arts Center in Jerusalem

Academy for Music and Dance

Studios, concert halls

A new addition to the reputable Jerusalem Academy of Music and Dance. The building will serve as an Advanced Inter Arts Center, consisting of various studios arranged around a central space.  The design will provide the infrastructure and conditions for cross-fertilization between the different fields of dance and music that is so important to the academy.

The building is arranged around a central double space connecting the different rooms and spaces, and creating opportunities for spontaneous encounters and a creative environment. The building enjoys both worlds - high end optimal facilities and infrastructure as well as unique and dynamic shared spaced that form the magic of the academy -  a sense that there is always creativity happening around. The facilities include a solo and chamber music recital hall of 115 seats, a dance studio, a jazz and improvised music studio of 90 seats, a vocal and opera studio of 60 seats, and 14 practice/teaching chambers.