Central transportation hub in Petah Tikva, Israel

Petah Tikva transportation hub

under construction
Petah Tikva, Israel
Bus Terminal, Commerce

Challenged by the financing mechanisms of public buildings in Israel, this unique design integrates 9000 sqm of bus terminal with 9000 sqm of commerce and six floors of office space on top.


The formal challenge was to allow built areas without producing urban alienation with a large enclosed building. The structure manages to break the traditional rectangular plan and thereby creates squares, urban spaces and commercial facades towards the surrounding streets, thus contributing to the development of the existing city center instead of weakening it, while still preserving the building’s clarity and usability.The terminal building offers a balance between the need of the user to reach the platform as fast and efficiently as possible, and the desire of the developer to lead him through the long course of the commercial space.


In order to enable more efficient functioning of the station, the terminal area is located below the area of ​​commerce and ticket offices, instead of next to them. The platforms are arranged circularly not linearly so that the passenger has an eye contact and quick access between the commercial area and the ticket offices and the platforms. By utilising the natural topography of the site, the structure keeps a continuous connection with nearby urban focal points and allows quick and convenient entrances for all users of the complex – buses, light rail, train, taxis, bicycles and private cars dropping off passengers.