urban shade

Holon, Israel
Urban Space

The Issue of shade has two faces. The first and obvious is the fact that the shade keeps moving during the day and through the time of year. The second is not less important – often we want the shade to go away. Sunny winter-day is one of those occasions. We could overcome those issues in a very sophisticated, technological, complex way but we chose to rely on the humankind instincts – a system that each one would be able to decide, maneuver and place his or her piece of shade


Our proposal is simple: creating a comfortable, encouraging surface in the middle of the square that generates activities, meetings, plays. Above it, hovering and available for use, are personal shades that can be relocated according to one’s activity. It’s simple, repetitive, reusable and generates continuous change in the square.Made from Aluminum balloons covered with recycled rip-protected, UV resistant fabric, the designed helium filled clouds are tied to an aluminum track around the edges of the surface. The tracks allow to relocate the balloons to create a shade on a chosen location, allowing the public’s activity. In addition, a smaller version of the Helium balloon will be on sale on site, allowing the public to enjoy denser shade and take it home, creating an event and awareness all over the city.